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The Ritual HQ Rising after COVID-19

Rising After COVID-19

We all know how much COVID-19 has impacted on our friends, families, businesses and jobs. But for many of us it has had an even bigger impact on something equally, if not more, important.

Our sweet, juicy gains.

Okay, maybe this is not as important as friends and family…but I guess that might depend on who you are.

Why is everyone staring at me?

Anyway, as we start to see some restrictions being eased, I thought this would be a good opportunity to shed some light on returning to the gym and getting back into routine so we can rebuild that muscle! And see our pals in the gym again!

So, here are 5 things you should consider when going back into the gym

1.     Don’t go super heavy and max out

I feel like this is obvious. However, it probably still needs to be said. If you have just been chipping away with your at-home HIIT classes or smashing those 5kg dumbbell and resistance band workouts (kudos for keeping that habit established!), the next resistance-based workout you do in the gym will be quite a shock to the system.

Because you haven’t been lifting with much intensity (if any at all), the reality is that you probably are not as strong as you were before you went into isolation. However, this doesn’t mean you are far from you were before. When you get back into the gym, get used to lifting again, get used to the movement patterns and start to slowly increase your volume and load over the next 3-6 weeks. Those gains will be back in no time.

Not sure where to start? Get your coach to help you start back up again.

If you are one of the lucky ones with a sweet set up at home and not much has changed for you, keep on keepin’ on.

2.     Set new goals

Maybe isolation got the better of your focus and discipline and you are not sure where to start or what you should be aiming for?

Spend some time on this. It might only take you a few minutes. Think about what your short-term and long-term goals look like as you re-enter the gym environment. Maybe nothing has changed and you’re still on track? Or maybe all the wine, beer and chocolate disappeared from the cupboard and now your belly enters a room before you do…no judgement here. Iso has been tough on all of us.

3.     Develop a new routine

We are creatures of habit, we thrive on routine and schedules and blah blah blah…you get the idea.

Schedule your weeks, put a plan in place. Get really, really clear on your outcomes. This will help you understand what you need to do each day and each week to achieve your goals. Start now. Don’t wait for your local gym to open before you start thinking about what days you’ll go and what you’ll do on those days.

Pre-plan, get prepared and set yourself up for success by being organised. This includes planning your food and nutrition as well.

Time to put down the Tuesday night beers and the Wednesday night burgers…this is sad for me as well :’(

Maybe you are still working from home and have the luxury to cook each meal. That’s awesome! However, make sure they are healthy meals, of course. If you find yourself picking at rubbish food because it is just there, make the effort to re-establish that pre-ISO food prep routine. Meal prep on Sundays, prep for the next day the night before. Whatever worked for you, get back into that routine.

Just do it.

4.     Plan an extra gym day (The Bro Day)

This is critical. I know what will happen in my gym community and if you are part of an awesome gym with an awesome culture, you will experience this as well!


I am predicting that the most common thing out of my mouth in the coming weeks won’t be “one more rep” or “don’t put that in your mouth” or “yes, you can replicate this in the bedroom”. It is going to be, “SHUT THE FUCK UP AND TRAIN”.

I know that we all haven’t seen each other for a while and it is going to be super exciting to see everybody again. But maybe just add an extra workout day in your schedule where you do some curls, some mobility, some curls, maybe use the cables, more curls and just chat away (while curling).

That way, your actual gym routine won’t be affected. You’re welcome!

5.     Don’t be a dick!

We must follow restrictions, that’s the reality. Phase 2 of this whole shit show means we can have up to 20 people in the gym. Now, I’m sure that Ritual HQ will not have an issue maxing out at 20. However, if we do, or if your gym does max out at 20, please work with us. Don’t crack the shits, remember that we have been closed for many weeks now and the last thing we need is your impatience.

Sort it out princess.  

Love you lots /T

Tyler Small
Head Strength and Nutrition Coach


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