Sunday, 24 May 2020

How finding your tribe can transform your life - by Lachlan Inch

Three years ago I hated my job, was so stressed that I would constantly forget what I wanted to say, had badly torn two hamstring playing football, and I was riding five years of chronic back pain due to herniated discs.

I was nearly debilitated by depression and anxiety.  

I won’t be as dramatic as to pretend I had a terrible life, but it certainly wasn’t enjoyable, or in any way fulfilling. It was boring, pointless and depressing. I had very little social life or friends, I had no discernable path or direction in my life and felt that being special or different was a bad thing.

I had a psychology degree which I had ultimately done nothing with. I had never deadlifted, could bench press 90kg and (terribly) squat 120kg, but I had never trained for strength because I had always felt like a small, weak person.

Today, I have a job I love, a team that I love and would consider each of them to be my friend. I am in the best physical shape of my life, and whilst I still battle with my mental health, it is a battle I win 99 days out of 100.

I occasionally struggle with back issues but I know how to manage them and they rarely impact my quality of life. I have never been a morning person but I roll out of bed at 4am every morning with purpose, and by the time I have had an hour to wake up, I am genuinely excited to see my first client at 5am.

I have been given, but also sought out, opportunities to further educate myself as a strength and powerlifting coach, which I have discovered a real passion (and I believe a talent) for. I know I have a purpose, role models, mentors and friends, things that I never thought were truly obtainable in a career and lifestyle.

And those lifts? I can now squat 190kg, bench 120kg and deadlift 210kg. I love pushing myself to improve every day but I don’t care how these number compare to anyone else other than the person I was three years ago. 

So what happened? Ritual HQ happened.

I met people who saw me, were interested in me, embraced me and cared about me. People who inspired me and made me discover my passion. With a psychology degree, I always held an innate desire to help people, but I thought my only route to this, particularly helping people with their mental heath, was as a psychologist.

It was not long after I joined as a member at RHQ that I latched on to the idea that I could become a coach and help people that way. I started my online certificates to become qualified. I now had some direction in life.

Having decided that my body was no longer up to the rigours of playing football, I was lacking a certain passion and competitive outlet in my life. I discovered powerlifting and for the first time, I actually had a purpose for training. So what else did I need? I needed to insert some desperation to make this dream a reality.

Two months before I finished my certificates, I quit my full-time job. I couldn’t take another day of stress. Two months of unemployment. I had never been without a job for this long.

I’ll be honest, when I envisioned working as a coach I always envisioned working at RHQ, but there were no guarantees so I set out applying for jobs everywhere. Fortunately the stars aligned, I was given an opportunity at RHQ and, with two months of financial commitments to catch up on, I had no choice but to hit the ground running and give this opportunity everything I had.

I finally felt I belonged somewhere, that Chantal and Tyler didn’t just want someone for a job, they wanted me for their family. This gave me the confidence to become the person and coach I am right now. To ask questions, to fail, to try again; to seek further education and not just be complacent with where I was but to always push to become better.

There are two things I believe strongly; the first is that no matter how good you are, there is always someone who is better. That means there is always more to be learnt, more people to ask and other ways to look at things. The second, I will share later.

It might seem serendipitous that I was the right person in the right place for these people to change my life. My walking into that gym was coincidence, yes; them changing people’s lives? Not even close.

After three years I have seen countless people enter our community and completely reshape their bodies, minds and lives. This isn’t a coincidence, it is the result of a team who give a crap about the people that walk in their door, fight for them relentlessly and connect with them as individuals to help them become the best version of themselves if they are willing to put in the work. I am now a part of that team and every day I get out of bed excited by the opportunity to help others the way they’ve helped me.

So, the second thing I strongly believe? You are only one choice, one meeting or one opportunity away from something that could change your life.

Lachlan Inch

Everton Hills Manager
Strength Coach
RHQ Family Member


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