Saturday, 30 December 2017

The things I wish for you in 2018

The ten things I wish for you in 2018

As we move into the new year, as cliché as it sounds, it certainly is a time for deep reflection and gratitude. In my tenth year as a fitness professional, I see the same patterns every new year period. To be honest, I have moments when I am just so tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. The reasons people can't put their health first, can't move their body, can't get to the gym or do some exercise, can't eat well, etc etc. At what point do we say 'enough!' and just do it. 

As I think about all the people in my world, the people I work with, clients, my friends and family, there are ten consistent things I wish for all of you as we move into yet another new year.

1.     Take stock of your health. Don’t just talk about it, don’t think about it, just do it. Connect with people who are serious about health and fitness, not those that are just going to get your body moving. Get people on your team who will hold you accountable and speak to you honestly and openly about where you are now and where you need to be. Yes, exercise should be fun, but you also need to train smart. Find someone who gets this and delivers results. You can’t mess around with your health, and nor should they. Start by getting yourself measured. Get a body composition scan and find out the real hard facts. Then, move forward and never stop again. Please don’t assume that walking your dog or taking  a morning run will be enough. They aren’t. There is more than enough evidence and research available, that indicates proper strength training isn’t only important, it is critical. But learn how to do it properly. 

2.     Be proud of the hard workers in your world. There are people around you who are seriously hustling hard. They work their butts off. It’s time to stop criticising these people. Instead – watch them. Watch the joy they get from their work. They are connected to their greater purpose and don’t give a stuff about how many hours they work to achieve it. So please stop telling these people to take a holiday. Instead – watch their every move. They radiate joy. They are where they’re meant to be, and if you stop criticising them and be inspired by them instead, you may just open up another world of possibilities. Now I'm not talking about those people that work excessive hours, but hate what they do, are constantly stressed and constantly wait for the weekend to arrive. I'm talking about people who willingly and happily immerse themselves in their work because they are fulfilling their life's purpose. 
We work our butts off, but we wouldn't change it for the world
We will rest when we are done!
When you love what you do and you are living your purpose,
you don't count the hours you work each day. The number doesn't matter.

3.     Set a goal that scares the fuck out of you. Don’t just exist in 2018. Live! Set a goal that absolutely makes you shit your pants and then do everything you can to nail it. Stop at nothing, leave no rock unturned. You will look back at 2018 on the 31st December and be amazed at what you achieved. Nothing is impossible, you just have to change the way you think about it. 

4.     Stop making excuses. No seriously, stop. You are not too busy, too stressed, too tired, too broke, too important, too sick, too injured to actually take care of your body. You get one body in this world. Why would you put any of those excuses ahead of living in the healthiest, fittest, most beautiful body you can create? Yes – you do deserve this, so stop making excuses. We have heard them all. Oh, and forget making excuses for each other too. I know someone who constantly makes excuses for her family’s inability to lose weight and take care of themselves. They aren’t the only problem, she is part of it too. Simple.

5.     Don’t let other people decide or design your happiness. Your partner included. You are in control of your own destiny. If you know you are being sabotaged by a family member, partner, friend or child, then guess who has the ability to change this…? One hint: it’s not them.

6.     Just eat well. It’s actually not that hard to make consistently healthy and nutritious choices. What’s actually hard is making the decision to do so. Many people tell us it’s too hard to eat healthy. In fact, that’s the story you’re telling yourself. You just need to choose healthy foods when you are at the shop. Your kids will adjust, and so will your partner. And eventually they will thank you for it. But if they don’t want to change, that’s ok, but it doesn’t mean you can’t. And please don’t tell us you don’t know how to eat well. You do. You’re choosing not to. And if you genuinely need help, then get help. There are a million professionals on this earth who are as obsessed as I am at helping you. Take the first step and let them help you. Then put that help into practice.
Still don't understand food and nutrition. These guys are the bomb.
Tell them Ritual HQ sent you!

7.     Divorce the bottle. Make this year the year you end your reliance on alcohol. Yep, enjoy it socially for a special occasion, but stop telling yourself that alcohol is your only way of handling stressful work days, tragedy, an annoying partner or kids, getting to sleep, or celebrating anything. Get control back over the bottle. It’s quite liberating. But seriously, you need to do this. My clients who have the most injuries or pain are those that refuse to take a break from alcohol. Alcohol = severe inflammation of the body. And it also contributes to high stress levels, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, bloating, poor skin and hair, reduced strength, poor sleep, and mental health issues. So tell me again how you absolutely need that wine to cope with your day?

Check out the Hello Sunday Morning website for wonderful
support and resources.

8.     Move every day. Find a way to move your beautiful body every day. Walk, run, ride a bike, hit the gym, make love, play with your kids outside. But please – move your body. Get the blood pumping and keep your body free from stress and stiffness.

9.     Make love more. Too many clients  that I work with in the fitness industry tell me that they have a non-existent sex life. This is a natural and functional human right. Making love is how we connect with the person that we love. Love freely and openly and bring the fun back into your world. Spend less time on the treadmill and more time with your mate. I often prescribe sex as cardio…commit to a one-month challenge with your partner of daily sex and let me know how you go. Yes, every day!

10. Acknowledge that your time is limited. Knowing that our time is ticking away and so incredibly precious is something I connect with daily. When I spend time with my thoughts and when thinking about my big scary goals, I reflect on time and I remember how fleeting it is. My dad was gone in his 50’s and I have already had a major health scare and I’m not yet 40. So stop doing what society tells you is ‘normal’. Make the scary decisions, live and love freely, go on some adventures, be different (not normal), train hard, eat well, nourish your body, work your arse off doing something you love, hug your kids, let go of shit (yes – all of the shit), don’t hold stupid grudges, stop bitching about people and just love them (even the really annoying ones) and most importantly, be grateful, beyond words, for the gift of life – and don’t fucking waste it!


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