Thursday, 25 May 2017

Stop stopping (and starting and stopping and starting and stopping)

Stop Stopping....

I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for ten years this year. Actually, if I go back to when I started teaching classes it would be longer. One of the things I see consistently is people stopping, then starting again, then stopping, then starting again, then stopping, then starting again…

It’s an ongoing cycle that I will never fully understand. Every time they start again, they comment that they wish they hadn’t stopped because now they have to start again. And yes, it’s hard to get started!

We brush our teeth every day, we go to the toilet, we even shower (hopefully most days)! Yet when it comes to factoring in regular exercise, it seems to be the one thing human beings lack the most consistency with. Yet it has the ability to DRAMATICALLY change the course of our lives.

The reasons I always hear are:
  • ·      I’m not motivated.
  • ·      I don’t have time.
  • ·      I don’t enjoy it.
  • ·      Work is too busy at the moment.
  • ·      I can’t afford it.
  • ·      I’m too tired.

Let me put it to you like this. Motivation is not an actual thing. It’s not a tangible object that you can buy. It’s not a muscle you can develop. Quite frankly, it’s a myth.

Like brushing your teeth,  showering, eating and dressing, you just have to do it. It’s part of life. There is enough research and evidence to suggest that exercise is as important as brushing your teeth and showering. So, put your shoes on and go to the gym. Sound simple?

Well it is. We need strong bones, muscles and minds to conquer the world on a daily basis; you are not going to get that by sitting at home watching TV, throwing back some chocolate and wine and waiting for the motivation fairy to tap you on the shoulder. 

That fairy isn’t coming.

Time is also a bit of a myth, so what’s the real reason? Every human has the same amount of time available to them. However, do you respect the time given to you? Do you value every single precious minute available to you? Or do you waste it doing things that don’t serve you or your family?

For example – how many minutes are lost to the social media scroll, to TV or to unnecessarily long conversations about non-essential, unproductive topics?

Inspired by a friend and valued client recently (thanks Katrina), I timed how much time I wasted aimlessly scrolling social media in a day and I was SHOCKED. Now that is saying something coming from me because I highly value my time and run my day in 15 minute increments. When I stopped doing that, my productivity went through the roof. To achieve three solid training sessions per week with a quality program that includes a clear objective and measures in place to achieve them is 1.76% of your allocated hours each week. This is achievable.  This is all it takes.

If you don’t enjoy your training, then you need to make sure you are in the right place. Does the environment inspire you, do you enjoy the experience, have you asked for help and are you investing in quality coaching? Or is it simply because you didn’t get results because you were training for the sake of ticking the box, rather than engaging in the RIGHT training?
Exercise with people who inspire you and hold you accountable

At least once a week, someone will tell me they can’t afford a coach or even a gym membership, but will happily knock back a bottle of wine (or more), eat out a few times, buy coffee every day or eat takeaway or burgers on a regular basis. So basically, it’s not that finances are unavailable, it’s that the priorities are not quite on track. If your health was higher up the list, the investment in yourself and in a coach would not even be a question. 

Living in these times, when life is fast and busy and health is on an epic decline, can we really NOT afford to invest in ourselves and get the help we need? I can’t. I invest in coaching twice a week and it’s a massive stretch for me. But without it, my mental and physical health suffers, so it’s a on-negotiable investment for me.

Fatigue, desire and mental state are a few of the other excuses that I hear a lot and to be frank, this concerns me. At RHQ we firmly believe that regular exercise in the right environment can dramatically impact the quality of someone’s mental health, which will significantly decrease that ongoing feeling of fatigue. 

As a longtime sufferer of insomnia, not exercising is not an option for me. If forced to have even a week off, my sleep suffers immediately. It’s just not worth it. I also treated my PND with regular exercise. But can I tell you – getting myself there each time was an incredible challenge. But you know what, I just put my shoes on and made it happen.

So, if you want to know why you stop, then start, then stop again. It’s because you are choosing to do that.  

And one more thing....what if just before you stopped, you were on the brink of something WONDERFUL, but you missed out on experiencing that moment in time because you stopped (again). 

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