Thursday, 27 April 2017

Chantal's thoughts and world - introduction to my page

My name is Chantal, also known as CC, also known as Ronnie, or Big Ron or the King, to my coach (there is a lot irony in that given my size).

I am the Co-Director and CEO of Ritual HQ. Founder of Mums who Lift RHQ, one of the Head Coaches at RHQ, single mum to Josie and Sam, girlfriend to a much younger man who also happens to be my business partner, power lifter who somehow managed to snag a National Record, boss lady to an incredible team, best friend to a group of the most incredible women, but most of all, I am a woman trying to keep her shit together on a daily basis.
This is my blog. A place where I will provide a raw, open and honest conversation on  variety of thoughts and topics.

I have been through my fair share of challenges. Business troubles, relocations, a marriage separation, an early stage cervical cancer diagnosis, post-natal depression x 2, injuries (SO many injuries), epic amounts of self doubt.....but none of these things define me anymore. 
They are not my identity. They do however contribute to the person I am now. 
That woman attempting to keep her shit together.
They also provide me with a platform that enables me to help others. They provide me with first hand experience, knowledge and tools to allow me to help others become the best possible version of themselves. 

I am also lucky enough to have discovered my life purpose. I am extremely grateful that I have discovered this so early in life. To be able to help men, women and especially mothers, rediscover their strength and confidence through a connected and holistic approach to their strength training, health and exercise, is truly a wonderful experience and something I never grow tired of.
I will continue to believe and fight for people who cross my path or reach out to me, even when they have given up the fight for themselves.
I will carry that belief for them until they have the strength to do it for themselves.
This is my story and I welcome feedback.


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Finalist - 2017 Small Business Champion Awards

Brisbane Women In Business 2016 - Finalist

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